Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in TheAdventure™ into consciousness program?

You will be part of a small, handpicked group of no more than 20 people. You will embark on an adventure consisting of a daily microdose of personalized teaching and daily practice. Every fortnight you will participate in a live webinar with Yossi and your small tribe of up to 20 other adventure voyagers. Through the teaching, the practice and the group interaction, you will stay motivated every day, every step of the way. Challenges you commit to will make you move fast through the different program phases and see progress and real positive changes in your life from Week One. None of the sessions are pre-recorded. You will be receiving living energy in the moment. All sessions will be provided to you through state-of-the-art mobile apps.

What are the results I should expect from TheAdventure™

Generally speaking - expect miracles in your life. TheAdventure™ into consciousness awakens and restores vitality in all your faculties and aligns them, bringing you to a state of peak performance. In the first stage you will feel a powerful awakening and be invited to assume full control of your life and shape it in accordance to your vision. You will feel better and look better. You will be more productive. You will be more relaxed and balanced. You will feel a radiance and a sense of purpose will guide you.

If I feel TheAdventure™ is not for me; how easy will it be to get my fully refund?

You've got two weeks to get the gist of TheAdventure™ into consciousness free of any obligation, to see if this is the right transformational program for you. And TheAdventure™ is not for everyone. Within this period you can quit at any time and you will receive your full refund, no questions asked. (Or maybe we will ask you a few questions, just for our own research). If you so happen to decide that you would like to quit TheAdventure™ for any reason whatsoever – there will be no debates. You will simply claim your full refund. All you will need to do is to fill out a simple form that will be available to you once you enroll, and click Send. We will process your request and guarantee that the full refund will land in your account within two weeks at the most.

How can I be sure TheAdventure™ is for me?

Generally speaking, TheAdventure™ is for you if you: Feel a sense of unfulfilled potential in your life, as if you’re settling when you could be doing or achieving something more. Have reached some level of success in certain areas of life, but feel you’ve sacrificed too much in other areas to get there (e.g., giving up family time for your career). Crave to discover who you really are, what your unique purpose is, and what you really want in every area of life – without settling for someone else’s version of success. Are seeking clarity as you move through a major transition point in life (e.g., divorce, career change, a personal loss, a mid-life crisis, etc.) Are done with just letting life happen to you, and want to take your destiny in your hands, and make life happen for you instead!

How much time do I need to invest in the TheAdventure™?

The microdose daily learning will give you a choice of reading or listening to a dose of teaching, stories, insights, all geared towards the evolution of the best version of yourself. A formal daily practice of 10 minutes per day, 6 days a week is mandatory if you would like to internalize the benefits of TheAdventure™. The live webinars are scheduled every fortnight and they go on for about 2 to 3 hours. Apart from that, the rest of the investment of time is decided by you. As your entire organism will be changing, you will see that you can implement your practices into your life, career, relationships, legacy. You will be aligned and determined.

Am I really only paying a third of TheAdventure™ price?

Generally speaking – the virtues you will develop are all priceless. Yes. What you see today is the lowest price for TheAdventure™. Typically, participants pay three times as much to join this transformational journey into consciousness. Due to the COVID-19 virus, we feel many people around the world are having existential crises and need to reinvent themselves. Also, many people have lost their jobs and don't feel secure anymore. Considering our own cause and calling, we've decided to make TheAdventure™ available for a limited time at a fraction of the price. TheAdventure™ is comprehensive, tailored to suit, personalized to each participant and overseen live by Yossi for a 3-month period.

What is the mutual evaluation process?

You and Yossi get to know each other over some 30 to 60 minutes chat that you will schedule straight into Yossi's calendar. Yossi will ask a few questions to check if you are ready to commit. Yossi will answer any question you may have. Expectations will be established, and if we're all good – we will proceed by sending you a deep questionnaire to have a snapshot of you upon entry, and later upon graduating.

If you don't find your answer here or would like to talk through your specific project, please contact us.