Vacuum Fixture products wireframe CAD drawing Technical Tooling


Vacuum Fixtures and Layup Molds

Technical Tooling has different solutions based on the application or applied temperature required by our customer’s specifications; our tools are scalable to most requirements.

Vacu-Grip vacuum fixture frm Technical Tooling Tacoma, WA


Vacuum Fixtures

Our patented, porous granular material is used in the base of our vacuum mill fixtures.  Our system provides a better holding solution than any other product on the market.  Our designs allow an even pull across the maximum contact area of the tool, unlike the conventional v-groove fixtures that only pull through localized slotted channels or suction cups.

Ravin layup mold Technica Tooling Seattle Area


Low CTE Layup Molds

Technical Tooling’s proprietary material is used as a base structure for all layup molds. Our technology is a revolutionary advancement in layup tooling for short-run programs and prototyping that require optimal precision, with CTEs comparable to carbon fiber. When compared to Invar™ tools, we can save program costs dramatically, with near-equivalent performance.