Vacu-grip detailed image by Technical Tooling
Vacuum Fixtures
vacup-grip vacuum fixture by Technical Tooling

Our patented, porous granular material is used in the base of our vacuum mill fixtures.  Our system provides a better holding solution than any other product on the market.  Our designs allow even suction across the maximum contact area of the tool, unlike the conventional v-groove fixtures that only pull through localized slotted channels or suction cups.

Do You Have Your Project Specs and Requirements?

Ravin low CTE layup mold by Technical Tooling


Low  CTE Layup Molds

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  • Uniform vacuum across full surface area

  • Conforms to complex geometries

  • Tolerance of +/- 0.003” or better

  • Holds a multitude of substrates from carbon fiber to various metals


  • Sheer holding force is typically more than 2x that of v-groove fixtures

  • Reduces/eliminates part movement and chatter

  • Eliminates the need for clamps and holds

  • As little as 10-second tool and part changeover, with a push of a button 

  • Easily machinable, modifiable, and repairable

  • Increases NC feed trim rate

  • Eliminates tool path interference

  • Reduces scrap rate

  • No expansion or contraction with exposure to moisture

Metal Machining

​With its superior holding strength, VACU-GRIP™ is an ideal workholding solution for metal cutting.  Eliminate tool path interference and horizontal stress from typical clamps and vices.