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high temp material vacuum fixtures from technical tolling tacoma, wa

Vacuum Fixtures

Our state-of-the-art workholding product, VACU-GRIP™, achieves the strongest holding force of any vacuum fixture on the market. Our technology is based on an engineered porous granular media that can conform to any given part's contours, providing structural support while allowing an even vacuum throughout the entire surface area. 

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composite tooling design made by Technical Tooling in the Pacific Northwest
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Layup Molds

Our 350° F autoclave capable layup molds are unrivaled. Their high-performance capabilities are ideal for short-run programs and prototyping. We can achieve low CTE nearly equivalent to carbon fiber but at a fraction of Invar's cost.

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Where to start?

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Complex Challenges, Precise Solutions

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Our products accomplish vital elements essential for our customer's production needs;

longevity, durability, and advancing their tooling with precise specs.

The Right Solutions Matter.

We partner with aerospace engineers and composite manufacturers to lend our expertise and provide tooling solutions that will advance their process and final product.   We are always committed to reaching the highest standard.

The Innovative Advantage

Through extensive testing and research, our team designed and developed Technical Tooling's propriety material technologies. This leading-edge innovation is used in our primary specialties, including vacuum fixtures for trims operations and extremely low CTE layup molds for composites.


Our vision is to innovate and provide advanced tooling solutions that exceed our customers' strictest standards.

Workholding for aerospace tools

Material Technology  

Our vacuum fixtures and low CTE layup molds are made with our high-performance, patented material. Our media has capabilities and quality improvements over traditional tooling solutions.

Vacuum workholding for aerospace pieces

Competitive Pricing  

Our Layup Mold material has the same coefficient of thermal expansion as Invar, without the high cost. Our products meet precise, tight tolerances and stability requirements to achieve better quality parts.

Workholding solution for metal cutting

Process Efficiency

The scalability of our tools is limitless to meet your production needs. We build direct-to-tool, no master patterns needed with the use of our media. Surfaces can be repaired or modified easier than any alternative on the market.

If you have questions about our process or products, please contact us.

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Distinctive Capabilities

We work within all the required parameters needed by our customers – from simple to extremely complex.  We meet your rigorous engineering requirements and collaborate to give our customers a product with integrity, along with a high level of precision and speed.

Technical Tooling works with the aerospace industry to meet complex composite production needs with our low CTE layup molds and vacuum fixtures.  VACU-GRIP™ vacuum fixtures are designed for high volume production environments, while the RAVIN layup molds are engineered to give short-run/prototype productions the ability to have Invar-like CTE performance at a fraction of the cost.

Aerospace composite tooling equipment

How We Work

Our team approaches each project from diverse perspectives to find the optimal solution.  The result - our patented and custom products increase manufacturing efficiency, improve quality and provide significant cost savings to our customers.

Advanced Composite Tooling For Aerospace

Our cutting-edge material technologies are changing the Layup Mold and Vacuum Fixture industry by delivering faster cycle times, reduced costs, and better parts. 

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