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AS9100D Certified

Introduction and Scope

Technical Tooling’s Company policy is:

“Technical Tooling LLC is focused on meeting customer, regulatory, and statutory requirements by manufacturing composite layup molds and vacuum fixtures to customer requirements and delivering on time, while continually reviewing and improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.”

Technical Tooling understands the importance of our Supply Chain in achievement of this policy and requires a similar desire and commitment to excellence from our Suppliers and their staff. With open communication between us, we can strive for mutual success for both of our organizations.

Technical Tooling has created this Supplier Quality Requirements (TTSQR) document to clearly communicate our requirements.

1.1.  This document defines general and specific quality system requirements for Suppliers.

1.2.  This document applies to all suppliers/sub-contractors whose products or services are included in Technical Tooling end items.

1.3.  This document is intended to explain and supplement, but not replace or nullify any specifications, standards, terms and conditions, purchase order terms, purchase agreements or other contractual agreements.

1.4.  The requirements outlined in this document are designed to ensure that the supplier’s quality practices comply with Federal regulations, industry standards, and Technical Tooling practices; specifically:

The requirements of SAE Aerospace Standard AS9100D Standards

Best industry practices for aerospace supplier quality management and

Technical Tooling specific specifications, standards, forms, processes, and practices.

1.5.  All supplies and services received by Technical Tooling shall be subjected to inspection verification after receipt, as necessary to assure conformance to purchase order requirements. Technical Tooling shall not be obliged to subject non-conforming supplies to complete inspection. Unless otherwise authorized in writing by Technical Tooling, the Supplier shall furnish only articles which are in complete compliance with all purchase order requirements.


1.7.  Suppliers shall ensure that all their employees are aware of:

⎯ their contribution to product or service conformity ⎯ their contribution to product safety
⎯ the importance of ethical behavior


AS9100: Aerospace Standard- Standard developed by a technical Committee including all elements of ISO9000 with additional requirements needed for the Aerospace Industry

Contract: Purchase Order (PO)
Commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS): This is product which is ready-made and available for sale,

lease, or license to the general public

Foreign Object Debris (FOD): A substance, debris or article that has invaded a product, assembly, or system, and would potentially cause damage

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)- An organization that manufactures products or components that are purchased by a company and retailed under the purchasing company's brand name. OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product

Technical Tooling (TT): This includes Technical Tooling LLC employees and representatives Supplier: Any external provider that include:

1)  D- Distributors

2)  R- Raw Materials

3)  M- Manufacturing

4)  F- Finishing and Special Services

5)  S- Support Service

Supplier Quality Requirements

Supplier Quality Requirements

The table below describes and defines those requirements for which Suppliers are responsible. The applicability column defines which Suppliers are affected by the requirement.

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